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Publish for free your numeric files in high definition (chart, pictures, creations my-art.com is in charge of the rest : promotion, sales, manufacturing and delivery. And receive a compensation on each of your sales.

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French manufacturing

Choose from three different support from french nmanufacturing.

Acrylic glass

Brilliant and dee.

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Aluminium / Dibond

Mat et modern.

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Satin and classy.

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I love original decoration


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  • Feel free to discuss in a dialogue space in each canvas.
  • Feel free to discuss in a dialogue space in each canvas.
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my-art.com : Who are we?



My-art.com is a community which offer to the artists a world space of exhibition and expression, endowed with powerful tools to simplify them the relation with the public.

My-art.com is the perfect tool which allows all the artists to publish their creation, to create limited series, and to share their creations thanks to the social network as Facebook or Twitter.
It is also un large choise of originals creations with attractive price (from 49€). My-art.com offers a space for choose a decoration which will personnalize your univers.


The Artists


The Artists publish in a few clicks their digital files in high definition (paintings, photos, creations) and my-art.com takes care besides: overview, management of the orders, the printing, the international delivery, the remuneration for the Artist.

Our Artists are completely free in the management of their personal Blog and their profile, the artists can also fix their prices, as well as print supports and sizes. They can also define limited series in number. We give them advice allowing them to adapt their offers to the needs of the public. Besides, they can have a dialogue with their fans so. That create a real interaction between the differents actors of our community.


Win money by putting on sale your creations in the my-art.com shop


The clients


The clients have many importants tools : automatics notifications of new creations articles published by their favorite Artists, possibility of noting their work and establishing a list of favorite works, possibilty of asking to an Artists for a modification or for a special edition and naturally, for a search engine (search by colors, size, popularity, Artists, categories, keywords...)

The public has very rich tools: automatic notifications of new creations and articles published by their favorite Artists, possibility of noting the works, of establishing(constituting) a list of favorite works, possibility of asking to an Artist for a modification or for a special edition, and naturally for a very practical search engine (look for by colors, sizes(formats), popularity, Artist, categories, keywords).