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Minimalist style with soothing colors

Naomi, 34, and Matthew, 33, met there almost ten years at their workplace. Parents today a small Ryam, 6 years old, they left their apartment too small to move into a house with a terrace. At the request of the couple, my-art and D&CO will purify the atmosphere and provide shades of soft colors to bring warmth in the house.

All frames in this show were made ​​by our artist Delphimages. All these creations come from the Shangai collection

All frames have been chosen in Aluminium / Dibond to strengthen the soft side of the selected colors

emission du 07/04/2013


Industrial loft atmosphere for the living and pinks for the girls

Sonia, 39 years old, lives with her ​​two children in a house of 80 sqm which became the owner in 2004. Eddy, 36, now lives in his side. His two daughters are larger family weekend on two ... But in the house, every square meter counts! At the request of the couple, D&CO and my--art will boost the mood and bring warmth in this family cocoon.

The living room is well decorated with a loft style industrial New York
The girls' room more color keeps this in mind New York

All frames in the living room are made ​​in Alu / dibond to enhance the effect industrial loft while frames of the bedroom are made in plexiglass to bring peps to the colors used


emission du 05/02/2013


Emilie and Arnaud bought a few years ago a very large house to accommodate their five children stepfamily. But soon, they found themselves short of resources and skills to renovate this house. Also D & CO team flew to their rescue to finalize their work and develop a home to their taste.
The artists of participated in the decoration of the house by offering frames of soft campaign theme, in keeping with the traditional atmosphere of cream and beige home.
Find all the frames below show, crack and give you the frames selected by the designers of D & CO tv show!

emission du 20/01/2013

Max, Miriam and their three daughters live in an apartment of 70 m² which requires highly rearrangement and a new decoration. Damidot Valerie and the team of the M6TV show already answer to the requirement of this family. is associated with this show and provide the frames for this new deco meets the expectations of the family. A beautiful Asian frame now adorns the living room. Two frames on the theme of the trip came to decorate the walls of the room. Finally, for the teen’s room teens, two frames agree very modern with gray / blue decoration.

Discover and buy all the frame of the M6TV show

emission du 09/01/2013

Eric and Isadora and their four children were in need of M6TV show team to change everything one week to finalize their house.

With the complicity of the team M6D & CO we decorated a few pieces of design frames.

For the kitchen, the red is the trend. Three frames were made of plexiglass on the theme of peppers and strawberries. Plexiglass is a brilliant material to mirror that fits perfectly with the lacquer kitchen furniture and easy to clean in a kitchen.

In the parents' room, two frames on the campaign theme were placed on both sides of the bed, to strengthen the Zen side of the room.

Finally, two humorous frames on the theme of sweets (teddy bears and M & M's) make a touch of color along a grey corridor distribution.





emission du 15/12/2012

Bassam and Delphine dreamed of a dining room modern and contemporary gray and purple.

To enhance the decor, with the help of stylist Sophie and all the team, our artist 1click has adapted one of his pictures in black and white triptych. Several frames from other artists in the theme of New York, very urban, give a modern touch to the room.

All frames have been made in plexiglass to enhance the modern decor.








emission du 20/11/2012

Des tableaux de paysages loitains pour Arlette

Arlette, 62 ans, réside depuis plus de 35 ans dans son appartement qu'elle ne voudrait quitter pour rien au monde... Stéphanie, sa belle-fille, a sollicité l'aide de Valérie Damidot pour redonner un coup de jeune à son salon, rien de tel pour le moral...Avec sa styliste, elles ont sélectionné des tableaux sur le thème du voyage. De magnifiques photos de paysages lointains ont été fabriqués sur de l’aluminium dibond pour un rendu mat qui s’harmonise parfaitement avec les couleurs grisées et kaki de ce nouveau salon tendance.

Vous pouvez aussi en voir beaucoup d’autres dans les tendances ethniques et paysages de my-art.


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emission du 01/09/2012

Ambiance city en N&B pour Jacques et Marie

Depuis 17 ans, Jacques, 53 ans, et Marie, 50 ans résident dans un appartement de 63 m² avec leurs 3 enfants : Anaïs, Liliane et Victor. Côté déco, il y a fort à faire et peu de moyens ! D&CO a choisi my-art pour proposer au couple des tableaux sur le thème de Paris qui donneront de la profondeur et du charme à leur intérieur.
Pari réussi, les tableaux en grand format sont réalisés sur mesure sur du plexiglass, qui donne une grande profondeur aux tableaux.




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emission du 26/02/2012

La rentrée à peine commencée, le travail n'attend pas pour D&CO ! Valérie Damidot et sa fidèle équipe de spécialistes du bricolage et de la déco se lancent en bleu de travail et outils à la main dans cette 7e saison de D&CO pour permettre à des familles de redonner belle allure à leur intérieur. Depuis 17 ans, Jacques, 53 ans, et Marie, 50 ans résident dans un appartement...


emission solidarité 12/2012


Special solidarity tv show

Damidot Valerie and her team took care of the house of the parents of Kremlin-Bicetre Hospital. This part of the hospital is intended for hosting parents of hospitalized children. This action was made with the association "CéKeDuBonheur" sponsored by Omar Sy and Fred Testot since 9 years. The whole team invested the rooms for 4 days to give sweet and tenderness to these places very impersonal and yet crucial in the lives of families. With this exceptional participation, 6 bedrooms and bathrooms have been completely renovated.

my-art and selected artists were very honored to participate in setting atmosphere of these places. We hope that families will feel less isolated, and the beautiful images of paintings allow them to escape for a moment.